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Wirral Book Fest is one of the highlights of our weekend…

Given the attention span of too many young people living the digital dream on their phones right now, Love Liverpool is applauding Wirral bookseller Michelle Peters, organiser of Wirral Book Fest.

“Reading is essential, not only is being able to read essential but reading for pleasure too has an incredible effect on the reader, increased attainment, reading for empathy and the sheer joy of an amazing book, I cannot think of a single activity like reading that has the power to be so good and fun!”

You can hear her passion through her words…she has the same regard for authors…who she refers to as the secret weapon in the fight to get kids reading.

“They weave a magic spell around their tales in such a passionate and entertaining way that even adults are spellbound. Authors get kids reading.”

The good news is that there are many events where kids can meet authors and one such event is the Wirral Kids Book Festival, happening tomorrow October 14th at Bear Hunt Books in Bebington.

“As a bookseller I have been so privileged to have attended many author visits to schools, I have laughed out loud, smiled when the children have awarded a round of applause unprompted and nearly cried at the mention of a precious character suffering untold sufferings!”

Michelle added: “At the Wirral Kids Book Fest we have books and entertainment wrapped up, with authors such as Marie Basting author of My Family and Other Romans, serial author Natalie Reeves Billing who writes prolifically about child mental health plus new authors like breathing educator Joel Jelen and his new book ‘Why Does Daddy Breathe Funny’.

Joel said: “I just want people to recognise the huge drive Michelle has in helping young people in what is ultimately their self-development. Children can make big gains from an early age given their enthusiasm for knowledge. I’ve experienced this in helping parents and their kids breathe better.”

Wirral Kids Book Fest has authors and storytellers for children of primary and pre-school age, and tickets can be booked at

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