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Who has a room for Will Ferrell?

Fans of Will Ferrell have been sent into a frenzy after Will Ferrell begged fans for a spare room in Liverpool to host him and his mother Betty because she is dying to go to Eurovision.

With Liverpool having recently been announced as the host city for Eurovision hotel rooms were sold out within hours of the announcement and Mr Ferrell has been left in search for room in Liverpool for him and his mum Betty.

In an interview with presenter Zoe Ball for Radio 2 Ferrell explained how his mum ‘really wants [him] to take her to Eurovision’.

“She’s dying to go and she’s always wanted to go to Liverpool,” he said.

However, when looking at where she could stay, the Elf star noted hotels are ‘all booked now’.

”We just need a clean and tidy room” he said.

With Ferrell’s mum’s dreams set to be squashed, Zoe Ball turned to listeners to ask if anyone would be ‘willing to put up with Will Ferrell and his mum in Liverpool or the Liverpool area during Eurovision’.

One wrote: “Not sure how to get in touch with him but if needed we have a spare room in whiston, Liverpool. Takes 20 mins by taxi to get to the Albert dock. Or I’m sure me or my partner will be free to drive no problem. She is also a great cook. He can stay for free of course.”

Eurovision will be held in Liverpool in May 2023 at the M&S Bank Area.

Can anyone help Will Find a room?

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