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First Wellness in The City event aiming to spread wellbeing trend in Liverpool health drive

Wellness is The City-January is typically the month that many of us pick up our wellness habits again only to leave them behind soon after.

Now, thanks to a group of experienced and passionate wellbeing practitioners, four female entrepreneurs have come together to create an initiative in Liverpool in January 2023. And, they hope it will influence more people to discover a sustainable wellbeing outlook rather than just a January quick fix.

Wellness In The City taking place on January 27th at The Spine in Paddington Village is aiming to educate and raise awareness of all the options available in the Merseyside wellness arena.

“Liverpool isn’t great at health,” says Wellness In The City founder Clare Ellis. “We’re really good at enjoying ourselves, being kind to others, dining out and shopping in what is regarded as one of the top 5 leisure destinations in the UK.

“However, we have been considerably worse off when it comes to the health league tables over the decades. We all believe this event is just the start for companies, organisations, and the public to be better informed about accessible options for creating and maintaining better wellbeing in future.

“We want change and my colleagues and I had this vision during the height of the pandemic of bringing together the full range of wellness options in the Liverpool region under one roof so we’ve compiled what will be a unique event for the sector. 

“There’s a saying in holistic health that you will never influence or change the world by trying to be like it, so we all know what makes Liverpool tick as a group and we are well placed to make a difference.”

“We’ll be doing this by working with providers across the industry, hosting a day-long event at The Spine, educating, inspiring and raising awareness of what is available.”

“We strongly believe there is a personal and corporate responsibility to drive sickness levels downwards in Liverpool and across the wider Merseyside region and we know we are well placed to make an impactful start on that. 

“I’ve already spoken with numerous companies and organisations about collaborating, along with many of the innovative practitioners who are looking to participate in the event.”

Wellness In The City has already signed up the likes Dr Ed, author and child mental health campaigner Natalie Billing Reeves, Flow coach John Bullock, workplace wellbeing expert Kim Rutherford of 8 Wise Ways, breathing education business Breathren, entrepreneur and founder of Daisy UK Dave Kelly, Matta’s, plus social care organisation Expect Ltd to exhibit, many of which will be hosting masterclasses in their chosen field of health.

“Everybody that we’ve engaged with to date has commented that they like the fact that it’s very much an inclusive and fully accessible event and we are really optimistic that this can be a catalyst in more people being more mindful of self-care as well as having the knowledge of where to look to enhance their well-being and be more forward-thinking in that process too.”

Clare’s partners in Wellness In The City include Margaret Bell, an experienced, innovative functional medicine practitioner focused on gut health, Claire Morton, a well-known multidisciplinary wellbeing specialist in the region for more than two decade and Rachel Riches who is a highly experienced event management specialist.

For tickets, to book an exhibition space and a masterclass visit https://wellnessinthecity.co.uk/

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