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Tickets for Eurovision 2023 in Liverpool

Fans can purchase tickets for a total of 9 shows at the 2023 Eurovision Song Contest which is being staged at the Liverpool Arena from Monday 8 May until the televised Grand Final on Saturday 13 May.

Tickets on sale Tuesday 7 March

Tickets will go on sale at midday UK local time (13:00 Central European Time) on Tuesday 7 March.

Tickets will only be available to purchase at of the country you are booking from, and you can only purchase tickets for one show at a time. You must have a Ticketmaster UK account to purchase tickets, and fans are encouraged to create their account in advance of Tuesday 7 March.

Tickets are priced from £30 to £290 for the Semi-Final shows and from £80 to £380 for the Grand Final shows.

You can only buy tickets for one show at a time. For the three Live televised shows, customers can purchase a maximum of 4 tickets in one order. For the six Preview shows, customers can purchase a maximum of 6 tickets per order.

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The Shows

*all shows listed in local time (BST)

First Semi-Final
Monday 8 & Tuesday 9 May
Evening Preview Show – Monday 8, 20:00 BST
Afternoon Preview Show – Tuesday 9, 13:30 BST
Live TV Show – Tuesday 9, 20:00 BST

Second Semi-Final
Wednesday 10 & Thursday 11 May
Evening Preview Show – Wednesday 10, 20:00 BST
Afternoon Preview Show – Thursday 11, 13:30 BST
Live TV Show – Thursday 11, 20:00 BST

Grand Final
Friday 12 & Saturday 13 May
Evening Preview Show – Friday 12, 20:00 BST
Afternoon Preview Show – Saturday 13, 13:00 BST
Live TV Show – Saturday 13, 20:00 BST

There are 9 shows in total

The Evening Preview Show(referred to as the ‘Jury Show’ at previous Contests) is a full run through of the show that takes place the night before the televised version. In the case of the Grand Final, it’s when the international juries cast their votes for the participants. Audiences can stay for a randomised version of the qualifier/points reveals, as the presenters practise for different scenarios.

The Afternoon Preview Show(referred to as the ‘Family Show’ at previous Contests) is a full run through of the show that takes place earlier in the day of the Live TV Show; it serves as one final rehearsal for the artists and crew, and as the name suggests, it’s much more convenient for those who wish to bring younger Eurovision fans. Again, the Family Show features a randomly generated presentation of the qualifiers and points.

The Live TV Show is exactly that: a live television show. Audiences across Europe (and Australia) will get to cast their votes. No randomisations this time – it’s all for real!

Interest in Eurovision tickets is expected to be high, but as fans who have travelled to a Contest before will tell you: traditionally it can be easier to secure tickets for the Preview Shows. These shows have all of the content and performances of the broadcast shows, but leave you free to watch the Live TV Show as it was intended… on the television!

It has also been announced by the United Kingdom Government that around 3,000 tickets will be made available for those Ukrainians who have been forced from their homes and are living in the UK – meaning they can attend one of the Live Shows and help mark the Ukrainian group Kalush Orchestra’s victory at last year’s Contest.

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