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REVEALED: Over a third of Brits couldn’t go without Brussels sprouts

REVEALED: Over a third of Brits couldn’t go without Brussels sprouts Love them or hate them, Christmas dinner wouldn’t be the same without them

From succulent roast turkey to fluffy potatoes, Christmas dinner wouldn’t be complete without a selection of some classic staples. Now, according to new data from Betfair, Brits have revealed which ingredients are essential to making up their festive plates. 

It appears turkey isn’t the star of the meal, as over half of participants voted roast potatoes (53.36%) as their most essential Christmas dinner ingredient. It certainly wouldn’t be Christmas dinner without gravy (46.64%), which followed in second place, as pigs in blankets (41.72%) placed third. Meanwhile, over a third of Brits admitted they couldn’t go without sprouts (35.95%) on the festive holiday. 

The list comes as Brits also chose the non-festive dish they’d prefer to eat on December 25th instead of the typical Christmas dinner, with a classic full English breakfast (15.91%) taking the top spot. Other popular non-traditional options include curry (13.78%), fish and chips (11.56%) and pizza (9.44%). The survey also revealed the public’s unusual festive habits and the likely arguments set to boil over this Christmas, from television tantrums to unwanted guests.

Which of the following foods, if any, would you not be able to go without for Christmas dinner?

  1. Roast potatoes 53.36%
  2. Gravy 46.64%
  3. Pigs in blankets 41.72%
  4. Stuffing 41.36% 
  5. Turkey 41.30%
  6. Brussels sprouts 35.95%
  7. Yorkshire pudding 33.55%
  8. Carrots 28.75%

What non-festive dishes, if any, would you prefer to eat on Christmas day instead of the typical Christmas dinner?

  1. Full English breakfast 15.91%
  2. Curry 13.78%
  3. Fish and chips 11.56%
  4. Pizza 9.44%
  5. Burger 7.49%
  6. Mac n Cheese 7.40%
  7. Bangers and mash 6.57%
  8. Spaghetti bolognese 6.48%

Which of the following habits, if any, do you have/ do during Christmas time?

  1. Eating chocolate for breakfast 29.46%
  2. Not getting changed out of pajamas 23.70%
  3. Eating Christmas dinner food in a certain order 18.57%
  4. Eating the entire advent calendar before Christmas 14.64%
  5. Not opening presents until evening 13.27%
  6. Mixing your Christmas dinner together 11.99%
  7. Eating a takeaway for dinner 11.62%
  8. Eating the filling of a mince pie before the pastry 10.25%

Which of the following, if any, causes the most arguments in your house at Christmas time?

  1. Cleaning up 22.58%
  2. Someone being on social media/their phone too much 18.71%
  3. Washing up the dishes 17.77%
  4. What to watch on television 17.60% 
  5. Family 17.25% 
  6. Dinner preparation 17.00%
  7. Board games 16.22%
  8. Unwanted guests 11.67%

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