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Liverpudlians Are More Likely to Buy a Home If the Rooms Are Painted Light Grey, According to a New Study

London, UK – 28th March 2023 – New research by Samsung Electronics UK Ltd. suggests grey is the new magnolia, with 34 percent of Liverpudlians saying they would be more likely to buy a home if the kitchen – the most important room, according to three in ten (31 percent) – and living rooms were painted “light grey”.

Houses with a dark blue or navy front door are the most appealing to potential buyers (30 percent), according to the study. The research also revealed the colours to avoid if you want to sell your house, with pink, purple and burgundy topping the list. Overall, 87 percent of those surveyed insist that the colour of a room can instantly affect mood.

The study also revealed a list of house-hunting ‘turn ons’, with the bedrooms being a good size coming top of the list with 61 percent of the vote. A large kitchen (54 percent), sizeable garden (58 percent), a private drive (46 percent), built in kitchen appliances (25 percent), and a smart front door (21 percent) also featured high on the list of things we look for in a new home. The colour of the outside of the home (14 percent) and the rooms inside (16 percent) also featured in the list.

In addition, 68 percent admit that they love when a colour scheme runs through the entire house with home appliances that match, such as Samsung’s Bespoke Range which come in a range of colours to suit all tastes.

And when it comes to what puts us off a property, no double glazing (52 percent), a lack of natural light (45 percent), unreliable boilers and central heating systems (45 percent) all topped of the list.

While 31 percent said they wouldn’t consider a property with a living room that wasn’t big enough for their TV, and 11 percent said a house painted in colours they disliked would put them off it instantly.

Dan Harvie, VP, Head of Home Appliances, Samsung Electronics (UK) Ltd., said: 

“Colour is clearly a huge factor for the nation when it comes to buying a house and can affect purchasing decisions. With six in ten wanting appliances that fit with the colour scheme of their property, it highlights the need for customisable and personalised products. There are now a variety of stylish and unique products on the market that allow you to do just this, offering individuals the chance to choose options that suit their own personal style and truly complement their home colour choices.

“For example, Samsung’s Bespoke Range is designed to meet consumers needs in line with their ever-evolving lifestyle and personal preferences. The range allows them to match their appliances to their space, with 14 different colours1 to make their home their own. Samsung Bespoke products include refrigerators, ovens, laundry appliances and vacuums.”

And if that’s not enough, Samsung’s SmartThings app gives you more control over your smart devices by connecting, automating, and managing everything in one easy-to-use app. From a variety of versatile configurations to create your perfect refrigerator to stylish vacuums that are too good to be locked away, Samsung has you covered – keeping products relevant for longer.

The study found that 87 percent of people from Liverpool believe that the colour of a room affects their mood, with a red room the most likely to make us feel angry (32 percent), a blue room most likely to make us feel cold (24 percent), a yellow room most likely to make us feel happy (30 percent), and a green room most likely to make us feel calm (16 percent).

In addition, the study found that, so important is colour to our buying decisions, that 37 percent claim they’d possibly walk away from a beautiful home if it were painted in colours we disliked – while 18 percent said they’d definitely walk away.

And 90 percent of Liverpudlians said the smell of a property could either definitely or probably impact whether they wanted to move in. Get a bun in the oven if you want to encourage a viewer to buy your home, as the smell of freshly baked bread was the most appealing fragrance for a house viewing, according to 43 percent of those polled. Fresh flowers (40 percent), vanilla candles (34 percent), freshly made coffee (31 percent) and freshly washed laundry (25 percent) are all also popular smells for a house viewing.

Samsung has partnered with TV personality and property expert Phil Spencer for expert advice when it comes to colour in the home. He said: “Colour is hugely important and influential in the home; it can totally transform the look and feel of a room and home. It is just as much about how somewhere can make you ‘feel’ as much as how large, or how practical a space can be – this is especially important when putting your home up for sale and attempting to entice buyers, whilst trying to achieve the best price possible.”

Overall, 83 percent of those polled said they instantly knew if they wanted to move into a new property as soon as they went inside.

For more information on Samsung’s Bespoke Range, please visit:

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