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Is Word Count Overrated When It Comes to SEO?

Is Word Count Overrated When It Comes to SEO? Everybody knows that creating fresh content is important for SEO purposes. It can help you rank for relevant searches and push ahead of the competition on Google. You need to be committed when it comes to creating new website pages, as well as blog posts and guest posts.

But there is one thing that people always ask about. What should the word count be when it comes to new content? Well, the answer to this question often varies depending on whom you are talking to. There seems to be a lot of confusion about word count and we are going to clear it up for you. So, let’s talk about whether word count is important or overrated when it comes to SEO.

An Overrated Fixation

We are going to get straight to the point. We think that the word count of content has become something that businesses fixate on, and this is why it is overrated. In particular, people try to concentrate on hitting certain numbers like it is a magical formula. But this simply is not the case. Longer content does not necessarily mean you will be number one on Google.

There are definitely a few advantages when it comes to long-form content. For example, this is going to give you more opportunities to discuss relevant topics and to use keywords that people are searching for. Indeed, you can go into more detail and give people the information they want. It also means that people are going to spend more time on your website reading your content.

However, the danger is that people will simply write long content because they feel they have to. This is when things start to get dangerous and they can have negative effects on SEO. When you are writing for the sake of it, your content quality drops, you can end up accidentally keyword stuffing the content and, generally, repeat yourself and create substandard posts.

To ensure great quality content, you might be interested in working with an SEO agency. This can guarantee good results without going overboard with word count. For example, ClickSlice is an agency that offers SEO services. They are not just going to focus on creating content. But, they will also work

Factors To Focus on When Creating Content

So, we have come to the conclusion that you can write content with as many words as you want to. This should not be the sole focus when you are creating content. But here are some factors you will want to focus on to ensure you are creating something that is worthwhile for SEO.

Know Keywords

A lot of people think that keywords do not matter much anymore when it comes to SEO, but, this is not necessarily true. In fact, they are definitely something you still want to include when it comes to creating content. They should be included naturally in any content you write, which is going to make sure you show up in searches and reach the right audience.

What’s more, keywords can be great for knowing what type of content you need to create. You can see what you are supposed to be creating and what information people want to know about. So, they can be a way to give you ideas of what to write about when you are creating blog posts.

Use a Good Structure

Google likes to see the information set out in easy-to-read ways. This means using headers and titles, as well as lists. This creates a good experience for readers since they can find the information they need easily and read it quickly. What’s more, Google is able to understand what the page is about.

So, make sure that you have a good structure when it comes to your content. Think about making it easy to digest, which means no long paragraphs and just one block of text. Know what you like to read and ensure you recreate this for your users.

Research the Topic

Of course, you want to make sure that you are writing useful and informative content. People are looking for answers, and they want to be able to find them. So, this should be a focus when you are creating content. You should research the topics beforehand and you can also discuss your own opinions if you are an expert.

Including unique information is also something beneficial and it can make you more authoritative on a subject. So, if you have the opportunity to do this, it is certainly something you can consider including.

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