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7 Instagram Hacks You Should Be Watching Out For

7 Instagram Hacks You Should Be Watching Out For. Hackers don’t only target famous and rich accounts, they also target ordinary people too. So, you may be wondering what these hackers are wanting from Instagram accounts anyway. What do they actually do with these accounts, and what are the reasons why it’s so hard to get hold of Instagram support when it comes to these issues?

To keep things simple, even though certain hackers are known for using Instagram accounts for spreading propaganda or spam, most hackers use these accounts to make a lot of money. Since your account will have your name attached to it, your followers and other people are more likely to pay attention to things they are posting, commenting on, or when they send direct messages.

At the same time, hackers enjoy preying on the desperation or fear that certain individuals might feel once their account has been locked, trying to convince them to pay hundreds or even thousands of dollars to return the account. So, what should you be doing to protect yourself?

7 Instagram Hacks You Should Be Watching Out For

Recognize The Usual IG Scams

Phishing Messages

These can originate from DM, text, email, etc, but they all follow a similar idea. Always confirm whether you recognize either the email address or phone number that a message has been sent from! These messages will typically request that you need to click on a link to verify something. Once you click on the link, you will land on a strange website. From here, there may be a request to enter the credentials of your Instagram account, a security code, or even personal information such as your credit or bank card credentials. If this seems suspicious or you don’t know the sender, delete it! If you are not sure.


You may be tempted to enter a draw for a fantastic prize. However, you are asked for payment or personal information to claim the winnings.

Fake Investment Opportunities

Have you ever seen posts that promise massive payouts, and all you need to do is invest a small amount of money? This can also include Bitcoin, CashApp, and Venmo advertisements. If it sounds a bit far stretched, then it most probably is and could lead to you losing money or your Instagram account being banned.

Brand Collaboration Requests

A hip and new up-and-coming brand have offered to give you money to promote its products. They ask you for your financial information in order to send you money, but behind the scenes, they are trying to hack into your account to steal your money.

Bogus Job Offers

The scammer will ask for personal information such as your banking credentials, driver’s license information, home address, etc, to form part of the “hiring” or “interview” process.

Exposed Passwords

One of the other key reasons is linked to exposed passwords. Millions of passwords are leaked and then sold on the “dark web” every day (some are even offered for free). When this happens, you cannot get it removed, but you can change your password on Insta so that the old one becomes obsolete.

Try Not Panic

It is obviously not fun to have your Instagram account hacked but keep calm so that you can move on to the process of recovery. Your world won’t come to an end just because your account has been hacked. It will take a bit of time for your account to be recovered, so be mindful of this from the start.

There is unfortunately no magical solution involved to recover your account overnight. So, if you ever come across services or people that promise that they can for a one-time, hefty fee, we suggest staying far away

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